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1966 – The Resto Mod Custom Bronco

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Revolutionizing Tradition: The Transformation of a 1966 Bronco into a Resto-Mod Masterpiece

  • Client: Steve
  • Date: 15th Aug 2023
  • Category: Engine
  • Tags: Repair / Mechanical Engine
In the heart of The Broken Pony's workshop, a 1966 Bronco embarked on a journey of transformation that redefined classic elegance. This full resto-mod project was a harmonious fusion of tradition and innovation, breathing new life into a timeless icon while preserving its vintage charm. Preserving the Foundation The restoration began with a body-off-frame approach, where every nut, bolt, and component was meticulously removed and cataloged. This process allowed us to assess the Bronco's structural integrity and set the stage for the modernization that would follow. Unleashing Modern Power At the heart of this restoration beat a modern engine, a crate motor that embodied cutting-edge performance while paying homage to the Bronco's heritage. The engine's power was perfectly balanced with precision, seamlessly integrating into the vehicle's framework to create an exhilarating driving experience.
Crafting Modern Luxury While the exterior celebrated the Bronco's classic lines, the interior was a canvas for modern luxury and comfort. A custom-designed interior embraced the Bronco's vintage charm while incorporating contemporary materials, technology, and ergonomics. Every stitch, contour, and detail was tailored to provide an exceptional driving environment. Seamless Fusion of Classic and Contemporary This 1966 Bronco was more than a restoration – it was a resto-mod masterpiece that harmonized classic aesthetics with modern functionality. The exterior's timeless silhouette seamlessly masked the modern power beneath, creating a vehicle that retained its vintage allure while delivering an unparalleled driving experience. Expertise Beyond Mechanics Resto-mod projects require more than mechanical prowess; they demand an artistic touch and a deep understanding of both eras. The skilled technicians at The Broken Pony ensured that every update, every enhancement, was not only technically flawless but also artistically aligned with the Bronco's legacy. A Tribute to Individuality The completed restoration stood as a testament to the owner's vision and The Broken Pony's dedication to excellence. It was a Bronco that celebrated individuality, where tradition met innovation, and history intertwined with the future. It wasn't just a vehicle; it was a manifestation of passion, creativity, and automotive mastery. Your Dream, Our Expertise The transformation of the 1966 Bronco into a resto-mod masterpiece was a journey of craftsmanship, imagination, and collaboration. At The Broken Pony, we're not just restoring vehicles; we're crafting dreams. Whether you envision a classic restored to its original glory or a modernized masterpiece, let us be your partner in bringing your vision to life. Experience the fusion of classic tradition and modern innovation at The Broken Pony, where every resto-mod project is a tribute to individuality and a celebration of automotive artistry. Let us guide you in crafting a Bronco that transcends time, embodying both the spirit of the past and the excitement of the future.